Talea Solutions now offers ADPOINT to Finnish and Swedish media market

Talea Solutions Oy and Integration X announce their new partnership where Talea can now offer Integration X’s ADPOINT solution as part of Talea Media Sales Platform.

Kärkimedia, a sales and marketing organisation representing 32 Finnish newspapers, introduced a new feature in their Baari cross-media sales solution allowing easy delivery of ad materials to newspapers across Finland. Powered by ADPOINT from Integration X, Baari not only connects media agencies and publishers, it also performs seamless quality control according to publishing standards.

Building on the successful introduction of this solution, Talea has now taken the next step to allow media companies to access ADPOINT as part of Talea’s platform to manage all their advertising materials.

“Offering our customers the ability to manage their entire ad production in ADPOINT is an obvious next step for us” says Jari Kosonen CEO of Talea Solutions in Helsinki. He adds, “The success of our Baari sales platform has given a very positive impact for our customers. Not only do we provide them with an efficient cross-media sales platform, but we also automate the tedious process of chasing, validating and delivering ad materials. And now, with ADPOINT, we offer a 360 degree material management solution.”

ADPOINT and Talea’s media sales platform is provided as a fully managed cloud solution. This means that media companies simply access a full-service advertising solution via the internet. Upon signing up, an internet connection and a web browser is all that is needed to log in.

“ADPOINT is already the backbone for advertising material management and production at many media companies all over the world,” says Kosonen. The availability of multiple booking system integration modules together with the flexibility in configuration and the proven stability of the solution, made ADPOINT the right choice for the high-availability solutions provided by Talea Solutions.


For more information about Talea Solutions offerings, please contact:

Jari Kosonen, +358 50 357 2519, jari.kosonen@talea.fi, www.talea.fi

1) For more information about ADPOINT, please take a look at http://www.integration-x.com/adproduction/

Talea Solutions Oy was launched in 2014. Talea’s talents have built a unique media sales platform that gives cross-media tools for media sales, advertiser 24/7 self-service and integrates different media platforms for full automation.

Founded in 1998, Integration X A/S is a privately held tech. company headquartered in Denmark. We develop ad management, production and planning solutions for media companies worldwide. Our solutions enable our customers to not only reduce production time and costs, but at the same time increase advertiser services.