Karjalainen selects Talea Media Sales Platform

The agreement strengthens Talea’s promise for transforming media sales and buying.

Karjalainen Oy and Talea Solutions Oy have made an agreement that Talea will provide Media Sales Platform their media sales. Karjalainen will utilize Talea’s SaaS platform as their centralized CRM and sales tool for both print and digital offering.

“We believe that Talea’s ability to provide all-in-one solution tailored for advertisement sales is the key for our successful sales in future.” says Seija Voutilainen, Sales Manager of Karjalainen.

“This is good example that Talea can also provide substantial benefits for local area media sales too. I’m very happy that we were able to show our strengths against competitors.” adds Jari Kosonen, CEO of Talea.

For more information, please contact:
Seija Voutilainen, Sales Manager,+358 10 230 8052 , seija.voutilainen@karjalainen.fi, www.karjalainen.fi
Jari Kosonen, CEO Talea Solutions, +358 50 3572519, jari.kosonen@talea.fi, www.talea.media


Karjalainen, founded in 1874, is the third oldest Finnish-language newspaper in Finland and part of PunaMusta Media Oyj. In October 2019, Karjalainen was 145 years old and is the 10th largest subscribed daily newspaper in Finland with a circulation of 29 487 copies and 77 000 printed and digital magazines, as well as digital subscriptions, with a total circulation of 32 715 copies.

Talea Solutions Oy was launched in 2014. Talea has built a unique lean media sales platform that transforms media sales and buying. It’s SaaS platform gives cross-media tools for media sales, advertiser 24/7 self-service and integrates different media channels for full automation.